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Chiptuning – Increase in efficiency

Welcome at ECU-Soft Tuning your partner for an increase in efficiency and chiptuning in the district of Heinsberg.

Chiptuning for power advantages and environmental safety

Our service comprehends the software programming for almost all types of cars, but also chiptuning files, which we offer for professional salesman. In the last years, the popularity of chiptuning increases. The reasons are especially the power advantages but also the saving of fuel and the environmental safety. In this area, the chip tuning is an alternative in reference to the programmed factory-made chip.

Out chiptuning /software optimization can be realized depending of the vehicle via brazing, BDM, OBF or serial programming.

ECU-Soft Tuning always used the latest tuning apparatus and the latest software, so that the most vehicles can be programmed via the vehicle diagnosis. We individually produce each tuning file for the particular customer vehicle.

Our chiptuning is a premium product which combines optimal efficiency and capacity with the possibility to realize exceptional wishes. Even after a use for many years, you will not have any problems thanks to the high quality and security level.